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- Curriculum Vitae

- Statement

- Drawings

- Exhibitions




- Index


- Walking on the street

- Post it

- Drawings of movements

- Bystander

- Ok? Alright!

- Street

- The tool that reminds of the absent presence


- The waist bends


- An observer park


- A wash place

- Performance 1minute

- Fishing in the forest

- Four men's journey to North Korea


- Meeting North Koreans in the Netherlands

- Jelly bear

- Air out your dirty laundry

- Missing dogs



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In the moments when human rights collapse and certain pre-existing problems are repeated, I realise that I am incredibly concerned by the exposed issues, and it is what motivates me to take further action. This piece is about a farmer named Namki Baek, who died from a water cannon shot by a police officer in Gwanghamun in November 2015. After this, I became interested in the protests that took place on the streets due to Baek’s daughter, who took part in a demonstration in Rotterdam Central Station, completely alone. Street reveals the fractures within incomplete political systems and social structures of power. I captured choreographed movements from dancers who had trained for years as they created a new language in one chaotic instance. It is a study of how to provide critical discussion through subjective and individual gestures as a group. Their bodies broke away from longstanding habits and rituals, evoking a unique type of dialogue.