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- Walking on the street

- Post it

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- Ok? Alright!

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- The tool that reminds of the absent presence


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- An observer park


- A wash place

- Performance 1minute

- Fishing in the forest

- Four men's journey to North Korea


- Meeting North Koreans in the Netherlands

- Jelly bear

- Air out your dirty laundry

- Missing dogs



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Within the context of Amstelpark Ode - Alite Thijsen asked the Korean artist Kim Eun Hyung who presented her work before in the Glazen huis to make a work about a park in South Korea.

She selected two parks: Dosan Park and Tapgol Park, in Seoul. During the observation of these two urban parks she discovered invisible communities with common objectives. The parks shows people as individuals and groups, but they are invisible forms of community. When they see each other, they recognize their position and existence. Through observing the parks she researched local characteristics, different types of people's lifestyle and social state of South Korea. During the research in the parks, She was also getting involved as a local phenomenon by being an observer. Through this research she also focused on relationships between individual and community.



An observer park

Video | Duration:00:06:17 | Seoul/Amsterdam | 2012


Through observing urban parks, I became interested in the relationships of 'place – space, groups – individuals, social – person' and put them in mappings and drawings. Observing and photographing Tapgol Park and drawing the hypothetic 'place and space' lead to a collage.The difference between 'space' and 'place' is defined, whereas 'space' is a physical concept with physical attributes and 'place' is the concept that facilitates cumulative relations between people at that 'space' with attributes such as life, culture, memories, ecosystem and community. I think that the sense and impression brought forward by one place which reflects strongly on the entire surrounding environment can be related in the consideration of our point of view on the people's life, time and ecosystem within that space.